Music and Dictatorship

You will probably say : what? What is the connection between these two topics?

During the military dictatorship that ruled Brazil for 21 years (1964 – 1985), the cultural movement was always fighting against the oppression and the huge censorship that were present on that period. Many songs, artists, singers were sent to exile, arrested and sometimes, tortured. Yes, it was the darkest period of Brazil’s history. The music had a huge impact on Brazilian society, helping people to live throughout those times. Here, we have one famous song of those years. Cálice, by Chico Buarque (famous and important Brazilian singer), is a beautiful song that is remembered until today.

The interesting point of this song is the title: Cálice. In English, “chalice”.
However, in portuguese, the word “cálice” (chalice) sounds the same as “cale-se”, which means “be quiet, shut up”. The lyrics are translated to English!


About andre94campos

I'm André. Brazilian, from Rio de Janeiro, the wonderful city. But, at the moment I'm living in Switzerland.
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