This subject is very diversified due to many factors, as the big territory, different regions and various types of races. We can classify Brazil as a multicultural country in all ways.


This part needs to be resumed. It’s huge. Also, the best one. Brazilian cuisine is influenced the most by portuguese, african and native cultures. And, by other immigrant cultures such as german, arab and italian. We can find different variations or particular dishes according to the region.

The most famous brazilian dishes and foods are: Feijoada, Feijão (beans), Acarajé, Churrasco (barbecue), Pão de Queijo (cheese bread), Arroz com Feijão (rice with beans) and more.

We have also world known drinks like Água de Coco (Coconut water), Cachaça and the famous Caipirinha.


Brazilian literature has a great influence of portuguese literature. It has dfferent styles of writing and thousands of known stories.

The most famous writers are Machado de Assis and José de Alencar. Here we have four of the most known books:

Dom Casmurro (Machado de Assis), The Posthumous Memoirs of Brás Cubas (Machado de Assis), Macunaíma (José de Alencar) and Iracema (José de Alencar).

More information:

Machado de Assis ( and

José de Alencar ( and


Brazil loves music. And, music loves Brazil. Every brazilian likes or identify himself to a music style or to all of them. If you go to Brazil, be sure that you’ll listen a lot of music, or in the various nightclubs or bars and streets.

Samba, Forró, Axé, Funk (originated in ‘favelas’), MPB (brazilian popular music), Rap, Bossa Nova (like a mix of jazz, soul, blues, originated in Rio in the late 50’s) and much more. We can find a lot of african, european and amerindian (native) influences.

We really enjoy music all day long. We maybe have a musical spirit inside us. I would say that living in Brazil can be compared to listening to your favourite song. With time you know how is it with your eyes closed. But, there are always those moments when you listen again and discover something new that you never noticed and you feel awesome.

Don’t worry about this, we’ll have a lot of brazilian music here…


Brazil presents different ecosystems. Did you know that the Amazon rainforest has the greatest biodiversity in the world and that Brazil may be the richest country on earth in byological diversity?

Others ecosystems are the Cerrado, Caatinga, Araucaria moist forests, Atlantic Forest, Pantanal, Pampas and Mangrove areas.


Brazilians are really into sports. We have a nice reputation in many of them, such as volleyball and basketball. And, for sure, soccer. The most popular sport in Brazil. We don’t need any explanations right?

Tennis, handball, gymnastics, swimming and others are also very popular.

We also created 3 variations of soccer: beach soccer, futsal (indoor soccer) and footvolley (invented in Copacabana beach).

Martial Arts are very popular too. Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, MMA, Brazilian Vale Tudo, Karate and the famous Capoeira.

About sport events, Brazil hosted the 1950 FIFA World Cup, UFC 134 and Pan American Games twice. The 4th edition in São Paulo (1963) and the 15th edition in Rio de Janeiro (2007). Also, Brazil was selected to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games, in Rio de Janeiro. It will be the first city in South America to host it.


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